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As more companies move their manufacturing sites to the world’s lower cost regions supply chain management on a global level becomes key to competitiveness.

Identifying appropriate supply partners that can legitimately support a multi site, multi language and sometimes unique/custom components can be extremely hazardous.

How do you measure an unknown supplier’s ability to perform on a quality and service perspective from thousands of miles away?

How do you manage a global request for quotation or an internet / reverse auction?

How do you implement consigned stock programs and associated contracts required to support these programs whilst ensuring the protection of your company’s supply line?

Most companies have the ability to service the SCM operation but sometimes lack the resources or time for strategic activities?

Georlyn is capable of supporting you in achieving your corporate goals of implementing a robust, flexible and cost efficient supply line.

We will provide the experienced resources that you require whether you need an on or off site solution.  However we will always remain cognisant of the uniqueness of your company’s supply line.