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Importation Services

Freight management and import duty payments contribute in many cases to a large portion of the cost of a component when they are being imported from outside of the EU.

Ensuring that you have identified the correct freight service provider is as important as the suppliers with whom you have a partnership. Their Flexibility and the ability to deliver every time on time is essential.

The fact that they have a robust recovery plan in place should your shipment go astray is key to the selection process. Can they assure your supply lines during busy periods when the channels are at capacity?

A large proportion of companies allow their freight providers or suppliers advise them of the TARIC codes for import duty payments. Their lack of familiarity with your commodities or knowledge of Ireland’s trade agreements with the specific country of origin can cost you money.

Georlyn provides you with the experienced resources to investigate and identify the code appropriate to your business. We can work with you and the Revenue to reach agreement that the selected codes are the most accurate for the commodity you are importing.