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Georlyn has a proven track record in delivering innovative solutions and substantial cost reductions on client projects. They consistently delivery against extremely aggressive targets and project timelines. Our main background is within the electronics industry where innovative solutions are always a prerequisite for success; however we have now successfully completed projects in the healthcare, retail / textile and white goods industries. Ge...

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Mission statement

Georlyn will provide total commitment to working with our clients and enable them to identify, develop and implement a best in class combination of products and services to support all of their unique business requirements....

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Company Information

Georlyn was formed in February 2004 to provide supply chain expertise to the manufacturing sector in Ireland; We have already expanded and  completed complex projects in Ireland, Poland, France and China delivering significent benefits to our customers. The company has extensive experience within the disciplines of project management, staff up-skilling, procurement, warehousing and importation/freight management. Where your company has a...

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